Triangles Furoshiki

by Tilman Zitzmann

“This design consists of straight lines drawn with a simple algorithm. The main role here is played by the Golden Angle, the lesser-known nephew of the famous Golden Ratio. The Golden Angle is often found in leaves and petals, which is why the resulting geometric pattern reminds us of such natural structures.”


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Contemporary designs by artists from around the world give a modern edge to the traditional furoshiki, and look stunning when worn as a scarf. Each design is hand printed onto premium cotton giving a soft feel and elegant drape, then the edges are carefully hand rolled and sewn.

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Our range of handmade straps allow the furoshiki to be easily converted into a simple shoulder bag — ideal for lightweight travels, or as a quick extra bag. Straps can be bought individually, or as a set with a furoshiki.

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The Japanese have been perfecting the art of wrapping furoshiki since the 17th century. Use one of the many traditional folding techniques to elegantly wrap anything from books to bottles and make any gift extra special.

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Furoshiki in the Home

Turn your furoshiki into a beautiful artwork by hanging it with our hinoki wood display pole system

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What's Furoshiki?

Furoshiki (pronounced fu·rosh·ki) is a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. It can be used for bundling or gift-wrapping, carried as a bag or worn as a scarf. Our lighter-weight furoshiki works particularly well for delicate wrapping and softens up the more you use and wash it.

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Hand Printed in Japan

Each of our products is hand printed in Japan, using traditional printing techniques. We work closely with a great furoshiki printing company just outside of Tokyo, keeping a close dialogue with them to retain a good balance between our ideas and their invaluable knowledge.

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